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by Infertility Blows

 — coming soon!! —

After spending countless hours reading articles and forums to symptom spot, with little to no help, we are starting a symptom spotter page broken down by each day of your cycle.

To contribute, please include any and all symptoms had (including BBT readings) on each day tracked during the month you tested POSITIVE. This page’s data is intended to be from women who tracked the cycle in which they became pregnant.

Additionally, we ask that you add the day in which you received a positive test. This will help others waiting for their positive, to see (in a consolidated space) what day the majority of you found out and what you felt leading up to that day.

*As many of us know, we can go search-crazy trying to symptom spot. Let’s help one another out by only recording symptoms that led to pregnancy, not “I’m feeling this too” posts. 

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