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Melissa’s Story

by Infertility Blows
Melissa’s Story

Aaron and I got married in June 2013. We thought it would be easy starting our family. I had heard stories of infertility and even knew of struggling couples but I really did not have the slightest clue what these people were going through.

It wasn’t until maybe about 2 years into our marriage that I really started wondering what was wrong. HOW had we not gotten pregnant yet? We’ve both always been pretty healthy. At that time I was in nursing school and we didn’t really have the money or the insurance to go to a specialist to find out what the problem was.

About 6 months after I started working as a nurse we made our first appointment with our RE. This wasn’t until January 2018. Here we found out that I have diminished ovarian reserve but our RE was hopeful that we could get pregnant through IUI. We did 4 IUI cycles, all resulting in a negative pregnancy test. From there we moved to our first round of IVF.

They were able to retrieve 4 mature eggs, 2 of which fertilized, 1 of which made it to a day 5 blastocyst. Unfortunately the PGS results came back abnormal. Our only embryo had an extra 8th chromosome.

We were devastated.

We would have been getting ready for a FET but instead we are getting ready for a second egg retrieval. In the beginning it was so hard to be hopeful for this next round. What if we are just putting ourselves further into debt and in the end we have no baby to show for all of these loans? We currently have a monthly payment as a constant reminder that again we failed at becoming parents. But we carry on, grasping on to whatever sign hope we can because we want this THAT bad.

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